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How to prolong the service life of the Cubic Anvil
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Featuring the superior transverse bending strengh,Cubic Anvil is widely used for the production of Synthetic Diamonds,PDC cutters,Type I Grit and Blank Diamond.With high quality material and unique formula,the Cubic Anvil is produced by utilizing the powder metallurgy technology through a series of the procedures,such as ball milling, preforming & pressing, sintering, thermal treatment,post-treatment and stress relief and so on.

The key factors which plays an important role in extending the service life of anvils are the material preparation, advanced formular and post-treatment procedures. We've developed a new processing and blending technology to dramatically extend the lifespan of the Anvils and improve the operational efficiency.What is more, the Hot isostatic pressing center we have is a powerfull strength in this industry.
In the processing of Cubic Anvil, no matter in what kind of sintering ways,by high pressure vacuum, or hydrogen gas, or low presure furnace, there are inevitably some inperceptible pores and holes inside the Cubic Anvil.It probably results in body's breaking and declining of the service life.

Hot isostatic pressing(HIP)is very essential for getting rid of the possilble and remnant flaws.The processing is capable to improve the comprehensive mechanical properties,and eliminate the remnant pores and flaws,and integrate the mechanical inclusion closely with the carbide matrix,and achieve the diffusion connection of the Cobalt phase and Carbide at the level of the crystal structure.It help us to remove the source of breaking,improve the compression strength and toughness,prolong the lifespan of the anvils.  

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