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Wuxi Ruizhi Fonda Metal Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a rising OBM factory with the brand called as ®Palantir which was originated from Cleveland Tools Inc., built in 1876, a legend of metalworking industry.

Combining our material expertise in HSS/PM-HSS/Solid Carbide field with the outstanding engineering skills originated from North-America, we are committed to delivering Extensive lists of cutting tools for Milling, Drilling, Tapping, Turning and Saw Blades to the customers throughout the world.

And now we pride ourselves on providing 6 major catagories of cutting tools and 1 catagory of Cubic Anvils:
- Milling Series incl. Milling inserts, Carbide End Mills
- Drilling Series incl. HSSE/PM/Carbide Drill, Exchangeable Drill/U-Drill
- Tapping Series incl. Machining Tap and Forming Tap
- Turning Series
- Grooving & Parting 
- Saw Blades 
- Cubic anvils

As the market leader of HSS/PM-HSS/Solid Carbide products, we constantly serve at the forefront of the technology of Metalworking field. This means we can provide the industry standards and innovations demanded by the the customers to help customers optimize the manufacture of high performance components. We pride ourselves on providing highest quality of service by utilizing our Hot Isostatic Pressing center. We own 3 set of large scale hot Isostatic presses. One of them is manufactured by QUINTUS Technology, a world leader in high pressure technology.  

We've never been satisfied with resting on our laurels. Quite the opposite, we've strived to better ourselves. Keep learning, keep moving, keep growing.